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Unite Against Cancer (SC043017) is a Scottish registered charity that raises money to support individuals fighting cancer, fund research into new cancer treatments, and promote strategies for cancer prevention. 

The charity was inspired by Christopher Smith who passed away, after a 2 year battle with osteosarcoma, at the age of just 17. Osteosarcoma is a rare type of cancer that affects bone, and is more common in older children and teenagers; the causes for this particular type of cancer are poorly understood. 

Unlike osteosarcoma, much more is known about the causes, or risk factors, for more common types of cancer. Fortunately, many of these risk factors can be modified with lifestyle changes. 

Motivated by the experience of losing a loved-one to cancer, the team at UAC are particularly passionate about raising awareness of the role of lifestyle in cancer prevention so that fewer people have to go through a similar experience. We are also keen to support those fighting cancer, and, where possible, help to alleviate their suffering. 

Not all cancers will be prevented with a healthy lifestyle, and therefore we are also dedicated to funding research into new treatments. 


Our Objectives:

  • Fund research to improve our understanding of cancer and to find out how to prevent, diagnose, and treat different kinds of cancer.

  • Work in partnership with others to achieve the greatest impact in the global fight against cancer.

  • Take action to create access to resources that help improve quality of life for cancer patients. 

  • Raise awareness of strategies for cancer prevention.

The money raised by Unite Against Cancer is invested into activities that help us to fulfil our key objectives.


Our Impact

Training cancer scientists: ‘The Christopher Douglas Smith Postgraduate scholarship’ allows the charity to provide a fully funded scholarship for the Masters in Cancer sciences postgraduate programme at the University of Glasgow.

The University’s postgraduate programme in Cancer Sciences enables students to work within a multidisciplinary environment of world-leading scientists and cancer specialists to address the latest challenges in cancer diagnosis, research and treatment.

By relieving future researchers of the financial burden of further study and training, we are able to ensure that the brightest minds enter the field of cancer research with the skills and knowledge required to make the next big breakthrough in the road to finding a cure.

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